Zachary Get His First Haircut


We took Zachary to get his very first haircut this morning. There is this little barber shop that Matt has gone to for several years near our old condo. Matt's barber lady, Susie, did the honors and gave Zach his first little trim.


Zach was very interested in the place as well as the scissors that Susie used to cut his hair. We brought a toy to keep him interested and sit still, but he pretty much moved all over the place anyway. That being said, Susie was still able to give him a very nice haircut. We decided to not cut a few of the curls on the side and I saved a few clippings for his baby book.
So, Zach is officially a big boy now. He has a big boy haircut and sat in the big boy chair. Overall he did really well and didn't even cry. Good job Zach!



The Armstrong's said...

CUTE! He is such a big boy now. Lilly's hair hasn't grown an inch since the day she came into this world. She will get her first hair cut maybe by the 2nd grade!

Haley Family said...

He looks sooo cute!!!!!! I love that big boy smile of him sitting in the chair.

Tracy Robinson said...

presley JUST got her first real haircut and she is 3.5! i have been kinda sorta trimming it along the way, but it was looking pretty ratty, so i had to give in and chop a few inches. i like zach's haircut, brings out his chubby cheeks ;)