Vacation in Florida & Zachary turned 10 months old

We just got back from an awesome vacation in Florida with our friends, Jim, Kristen, and Ella. It was so peaceful and relaxing and the weather was absolutely perfect.

While there, we watched the sunrise over the ocean, did some shopping, went on a bike ride, toured the Thomas Edison museum, went shell hunting, and just had a good time in general.

We were able to take our nanny, Ashleigh, which made things a LOT easier and actually got to enjoy a night out to dinner one evening.

The main form of transportation was via golf cart which was so much fun. We even took the golf cart out to dinner when we got all dressed up. So much fun - we should have gotten some pictures of that.

Thanks to Jim and Kristen for inviting us - we hope we can do it again!
Here are some pictures from the week.


Haley Family said...

Zach looks like a little man sitting in the lawn chair. So cute!!! I am so glad you guys had a great time. See you in a few weeks!

wohleber said...

Your beach vacation looked wonderful!! It is really fun when the kids get into sand castles. Then Matt gets to work on the engineering and Candace gets to work on her tan. Loved the pictures!