Zachary's little sister

It's been a while since we've posted anything, so here's a very special picture of Zachary's little sister.
This morning Victoria was moving around with her little hands balled up into fists in front of her. She gave us a big yawn as if to show how bored she was with the whole procedure. She's measuring big so we're expecting a very healthy baby come June.
6 weeks to go!

Zach getting his new Big Boy Bed!

This weekend was a very busy weekend for us. Matt and I attended "Romeo and Julie" at the Dallas Opera on Friday night. On Saturday we took Zach to see "Gnomeo & Juliet" in 3-D, and then on Sunday we rearranged the rooms and got Zach is big boy bed. We decided to get him the dinosaur bedding from Pottery Barn Kids which he was extremely excited about. When Matt came home with the mattress and box spring and no dinosaur sheets, Zach took one look at the fluffy mattress and all he saw were the flowers on the bare mattress. He immediately said, "That's not a dinosaur bed - that a flower bed." It was pretty funny. All he wanted to do was play "Monkeys jumping on the bed" and would absolutely not get down. As he was jumping (while holding my hands), he let out a big sign and said, "Zachary really happy right now." It was adorable!
When it was time to go to bed, things didn't go as well. First night in the big boy bed and mommy had to sleep with him. I'm hoping things go better tonight. I think it will just be a matter of him getting used to it. He looks so small in that HUGE bed.

We are having a Girl!

We just found out that we are having a girl! All 3 of us are very excited. Zach has even started thinking of names: Barbie, Brontosaurus, and Lightning McQueen.


During our visit to Mississippi, Zach got to ear fresh blueberries right off the tree.

Zach's First Birthday

Since Zach's 2nd birthday has now past, I took a look back at his 1st birthday video. After watching it, I had to post it again. Amazing.

Zach is two!

We celebrated Zach's 2nd birthday this past weekend at the Little Gym. All the kids had a blast running around jumping on everything. It's now Monday morning, and Zach is still saying "Zach's Birfday"



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Sea World

We took a day trip day to San Antonio and went to Sea World. Zach did great on the plane and had fun at Sea World, even though it rained the first part of the day. He was so worn out by the end of the day, he fell asleep as soon as we got back in the rental car. He slept though us taking his seat out of the rental car, riding on the rental car shuttle, and walking through the airport. He slept until the TSA agent made us wake him up to go through security.
More photos here

More photos here

On the slide

Zachary got some new toys from one of our neighbors. Its a toy parking garage for cars. It has a mini slide on it. Zach tried to go down it, but only his leg would fit.

Little Helper

I was working on the motorcycle this weekend. Zach never wants to sit and watch, we wants to help. He dug in my tool box and tried out every wrench, screwdriver, plyers, putty knife, wire nut, electical tape, allen wrenches, and zip ties on my bike. His new favorite phrase is "Zach work, Zach work".

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Mimi and Papa come to visit us in Dallas

We had Mimi and Papa Angelo come to visit us the weekend from Houston. It was a full packed weekend which started off with a visit to Grapevine to see Thomas the Train. The "Day Out with Thomas" included a train ride, temporary tattoos, a petting zoo, playtime at the train tables, and even a new Engineer's hat.

We also got to relax around the house and spend some time at the park.
Thanks for coming to visit us Mimi and Papa. We can't wait until next time.