Our li'l pumpkin is 4 months old!

We had a few ups and downs this month but overall it was really good. Zachary is finally sleeping through the night with a few interruptions every now and then. Yesterday we went to his 4 month check up and he weighed a whopping 17.1 lbs. (85th percentile)! He is still not rolling over or sitting up but these days are before us and I know it's going to happen any day. One neat thing that did happen was on Wednesday when Zach, Ashleigh, and I all went to the grocery store together and we witnessed, for the very first time, Zachary putting his pacifier in his mouth all by himself. He repeated this for us to see TWICE! I was so excited that I called Matt at home to tell him the news. I know, I'm a dork, but I just can't help but get excited at these little milestones. It's so fun! Our next project... rolling over. He's almost there.