Annemarie and Zachary

Annemarie and Zachary met for the first time this weekend. The little cousins got along great!
We went to the Dallas Aquarium and of course both of them slept the whole time. The cousins had a great visit!

Aunt Katie and Zachary

Aunt Candace and Annemarie

The cousins, Zach and Annemarie

The camo twins, Uncle Chad and Zachary

That fish is as big as me!


The Armstrong's said...

WOW, look at that dark complexion...LUCKY!!!! Those 2 looked so similar in some pictures, but when you see them together they sure are different. Looking forward to meeting the little dude!

Haley Family said...

It is so funny how tan Zach is and how white Annemarie is. They barely look related! Annemarie told me today how much fun she had with Zachary. She can't wait until you guys come down here to play. Oh...she wants to spit up on Aunt Candace too.