Still not here

Just got back from the doc.
I am about 70% effaced now and still only about a fingertip dilated.
The plan is to induce me on Monday at 7:30 am.
Matt and I will have to show up at the hospital at 7 am and they told me that I can't eat breakfast. Yikes!!! What am I going to do without breakfast? (kidding)

Dr. Singer did make a comment that he thought he would come this weekend, but we're not really sure what that is based on since I am not really dilated yet. I guess we'll see.

He checked my fluid levels and heartbeat of baby and it all was good.

I have started to get a little nervous, but I am ready to get the show on the road. I know it will be hard and painful, but the joy is in knowing that our son will be here soon.

I will keep you all updated.