36 1/2 Weeks

Went to the doctor yesterday morning (which also happened to be my birthday) and had a great visit. Of course I asked all the regular questions that I had meticulously scribbled into my little black journal. Dr. Singer always knows he's going to be barraged with questions when I whip out that little book. I found out that I CAN swim in the lake, I CAN go out on the boat, I CAN eat lots of birthday cake... ok, maybe I made up that last one, but seriously, I can pretty much do anything but go wakeboarding. After he answered all of my questions he started going through when we should call him. As he went through the initial signs of labor, it really started to hit me, "OH MY GOSH - this is really happening - we're having a human being!" Matt and I walked out of there with a new sense of urgency. We decided that the bags had to be packed that night! Dr. Singer said that Zach could be here in as little as a week and a half. As he poked and prodded my belly he determined that Zach was going to be "small". I motioned an underhand fist by my side in celebration because I was so scared at having this huge kid. "As long as he's healthy", I said "I don't mind having a small baby one bit."
The countdown continues. My due date is June 28th. My prediction of Zach's arrival is on the full moon which occurs June 18th. Matt's prediction was for June 4th. Luckily he wasn't right. I hadn't finished packing my bag yet.
Until next week.. peace and love to all!


The Armstrong's said...

How exciting to be so close to the end. My only advise to you is DO NOT get your hopes up for an early delivery! It makes it that much more frustrating when day by day passes and nothing happens. (though you're having contractions, cramps, and dialated...etc)TRUST ME!!!! I was certain Lilly would be here at least a few days early, but here I uncomfortably wait with her due date tomorrow and my Dr. planning to schedule an induction. It makes for a sad, frustrated, tired, impatient, and irritable Jody. My favorite is the "she will come when she is ready" changes to "we need to get her out of there". Whatever dude! I hope you are one of the lucky ones and Zach is small and arrives a bit early! Me, I get the 10 lb lets wait til your over due to see if we can max her out at 11 lbs delivery! LOL

Haley Family said...

I am getting sooo excited for you guys! It is going to be so wonderful to have a new nephew around. You will do great during labor so don't worry about that! I can't wait to see pictures of him!