Update on Doctor's Visit - 34 weeks & 4 days

Just a quick update on how our doctor's appointment went this morning.
Zachary is right on schedule and doing just fine.
My blood pressure was 86/50 this morning which seems low, but Dr. Singer was not concerned by that at all. He said that as long as I am feeling fine and walking around, then low blood pressure is a good thing for me and for baby. I am measuring 33 cm which puts Zach at a little over 4 lbs. right now. He expect for him to be a healthy 7.5 lbs. by the time he is born. He also said that he expects for me to carry him full term so my hopes of delivering a week or two early are quickly being dashed. Zachary is also constantly on the move and Dr. Singer said that is a good sign of him being a very healthy baby boy. You can see evidence of his movement in the previous post Matt made. We fondly refer to Zach as our little soccer player.

I had a few more questions for the doctor this morning too... such as... why does he hiccup so much? Is all this movement normal? Do you give Matt the option to cut the cord? What are your views on cord blood banking... etc., etc. All of my questions were met with patience and clarity and I am feeling more confident than ever at having a wonderful birthing experience.

My next appointment is on my birthday, June 4th. Yet another special occasion to look forward to. Hey, maybe the doctor will want to give me a birthday present by allowing us to have another sonogram picture. I can hope anyway. :)


Haley Family said...

Very exciting!!! I can't wait to meet my little nephew. He is going to be perfect.

The Armstrong's said...

The video in the previous post is awesome! Lilly kinda moves that way too, it is so fun to watch. I like to try and find her feet and legs and rub them. I hope you get an u.s. for your birthday. Those were always my favorite appt's. It is going to be so fun to have all our kiddos meet and play together.