Lizzie is still talking about Zach

Two weekends ago, my cousin Maya, her husband, and their twins Lizzie and Maddie came to visit us here in Dallas. My cousin is a photographer and took the opportunity to take some great shots of me and my ever-expanding belly. We had a great time with the kids too exploring all the new kid-friendly places that Matt and I are sure to experience more and more in the coming months. We took them to get ice cream sundays at the Highland Park Pharmacy, fed the ducks at a local lake, and even climbed on some giant teddy bears sculpted from granite.
The topic inevitably came up that Aunt Candy had this huge bulge in her midsection and within that bulge lay a sweet new little baby boy named Zachary. Lizzie and Maddie were fascinated by this new discovery and soon began asking when he could come out and play. "Well, we have to wait a little longer so he can grow more" I tired to carefully explain. Then out of nowhere (I can't remember which one) but one of them said, "Oh, he's going to hatch!" All of us started to giggle at this adorable explanation of the birds and the bees. I just couldn't help but chuckle softly to myself. "Yep, that's exactly what's going to happen!" we all proclaimed.
Fast forward two weeks and Lizzie is still talking about baby Zachary. This is a conversation that Maya told me they had the other day at lunch....

Liz: "Aunt Candace has a baby in her tummy"
Maya: "she does?"
Liz: "yes she does, and he's so cute.....he's sleeping"
Maya: "oh that's so sweet Liz"
Liz: "yes, and he's my little friend"

When Maya sent this to me it just put a huge smile on my face. Kids are so cute!! I can't wait until our little Zach is here so he really can play with the twins. We are all going to have so much fun.