And we shall call him Zachary !

We picked Zachary! Candace and I were making a list of names we liked one evening. She put a little star next to the name Zachary because she liked it so much. The next morning, with no prior knowledge, her mom emailed and asked us what we thought about the name Zachary. Needless to say, that sealed the deal for us.

Another interesting point is his initials. They will be ZMA. Look closely, Z is the last letter in the alaphbet, A is the first, and M is the 13th, right in the middle. Kind of cool I think.

So the first thing I did after we choose his name is I went and bought Who knows....maybe he will be a famous bowler or something.


Haley Family said...

Bowler? You better go and get a Wii so he can practice his bowling game. You should just register for one!